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This one is long, but please bear with me.

As I have stated before, I appreciate all of the reader comments and discussions. There have been very good, civil discussions, and that is what we need.

Anyway, one of the longtime readers of this site left this:

The bible said “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. It is not life more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Who of you by worrying can add a single hour of his life?

and why do you worry about clothes? see how the lilies of the field grow. they do not labor or spin. yet i tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. if that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you, o you little faith? so do not worry, saying, “what shall we eat?” or “what shall we drink” or “what shall we wear?” For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly father knows that you need them. BUT SEEK FIRST HIS KINGDOM AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, AND ALL THESE THINGS WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU AS WELL.

-matthew 6:25-34

these words contain God’s promises to all his children in this age of trouble and uncertainty. God promised to provide for our food, clothing and necessities. We need not to worry, if we seek to let God reign in our lives, we can be sure that he will assume full responsibility for those wholly yielded to him.

Lets first start with how absurd this whole passage is. Essentially it is saying “do not prepare or plan for tomorrow, god will take care of it. Even if I was the most devout believer god would not just provide me a plate of food. If I just waited for god to provide it, I would just eventually die, that is unless I took it upon myself to seek out the means to provide food for myself.

“and why do you worry about clothes? see how the lilies of the field grow. they do not labor or spin.”

If what this passage and also what Khoellete is saying is actually true, then it would stand to reason that not one true believer has ever starved or died of exposure, because as stated, god would have taken care of the things that person needed.

Also, are we to tell the billions of people around the globe who are starving and dying of famine that it is their own fault because they did not “ SEEK FIRST HIS KINGDOM AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS”? That is extremely arrogant and not helpful whatsoever.

You have not demonstrated that this is a promise from god at all. These words do not actually provide anything for anybody, except maybe an empty promise and false hope.

We could settle this scientifically. I will live my life as I already do, preparing for the next day, not believing in god, and not believing some invisible guy will provide for me. And you can sit at a table, not worrying about anything, not preparing for the next day, merely believing that the lord will provide everything you need. We will see who will be fed and clothed and who wont.



Even more evidence that religion is harmful


The very pius Warren Jeffs.

Polygamist community faces rare genetic disorder

‘Prayed He Would Starve to Death So He Could Go to Heaven’

Seems perfectly healthy….considering the obvious……

Read the article here!


Back from Texas/A new Life Center

So I spent 5 days in Dallas, Texas, where I expected there to be many bible thumping fundie christians. There were many large churches, but not as many as I expected. People were not in your face religious as the are here in Grand Rapids, MI. I went through the whole 5 days without any stories about the religion in Texas (except for the fact that living in Texas is like a religion to people down there).

It wasn’t until I went to Flint, MI did I encounter a very odd thing having to do with religion.

The ad for A New Life Center in Flint, MI. Click here to see and read the large scale version.

I dont even know where to begin with this. He claims that god “paid for my Chiropractic education”, not likely. He also fills the ad (and his site) with claims of visions from god. 

His claiming that there is a god, and your health is derived from him is not as worrisome or as dangerous  as what he lays out in the “Healthcare: Myths vs. Facts” pamphlet that can be accessed here:

In this pamphlet it essentially states that we do not get sick because of very real and proven causes such as germs and viruses, no, we get sick because of “interference” with our alignment and interference with gods will for us to be healthy.  This is scary, ignorant, and very dangerous.  Hucksters like this, who move to poor, uneducated areas to prey upon  the weak and desperate need to been run out of town. This is not real medicine, but sadly people will fall victim to it because they want to get better, and for god to bless them and make their situation better.

But sadly, this does go right along with the religious right and their resistance to scientific knowledge.



Jerry Falwell/I will be gone

So Jerry Falwell is dead. Can’t say I am too upset about this one. Why? Well, read a few things the man said.

I will be gone for the next 11 days. I am off to Texas for 6 days, I am sure I will come back with some interesting stories. Then off to Flint/Detroit for the rest.



A Few Misconceptions About Atheists.

There are several misconceptions that many believers have about Atheists. Some of them are listed below.

1: Atheists are looking for god

2: Atheists know there is a god, but deny god anyway.

3: Atheists “hope” there is no god.

4: Atheists love living a sinful life, so they deny god.

If a person who claims Atheism and also fits any of the scenarios mentioned above, then they are not an Atheist. I will go over each misconception one by one.

1: Atheists are looking for god
-This would describe an agnostic or a seeker if anything. Atheists are not searching for a god. We are pretty adamant that there is no god. I have looked at the arguments for god, the philosophies, religious texts, etc… and I have found no god. No proof of a god. Because of those reasons I believe that there is no god. I am looking for truth and information of how the world works. If that somehow (even though I believe it won’t) produces evidence for a god, I will study the evidence fairly and objectively and then make a fair conclusion based on the evidence presented.

2: Atheists know there is a god, but deny god anyway.
-No. Atheists believe there is no god. The end. We deny the existence of god because there is no evidence for god. It is not as if we are denying the evidence for god, there is no evidence. Someone who knows there is a god and denies him anyway is not an Atheist, that person would believe in god, even if they do not follow that god.

3: Atheists “hope” there is no god.
-Atheists do not hope there is no god. That sort of dovetails into Pascal’s Wager. As in, Atheists do not think there could be a god, but hope there isn’t so that we are right. Once again, we simply believe there is no god. I can tell you that I personally dont hope either way. I do not believe in god because A) it is highly improbably and B) there is no evidence. I do not hope anything about god either way, I do not need to hope things about something that does not exist.

4: Atheists love living a sinful life, so they deny god.
-Once again, anyone who thinks this is not an Atheist. This person would believe in god.

More Comments: Looking for god.



I like to answer the comments left by readers in a more public way. This is to allow everyone to read them and come up with their own opinions and get involved in the discussion. This post’s comments come from a reader who goes by the name “danmondy”

Don’t fall for anything but what if you encounter a real God?

The “don’t fall for anything” line is good sound advice. I do not intend to. I have stated before that I need to see some sort of evidence. But the second part of this, the “encountering a real god” part needs some discussion.

We need to define “encounter”. If we mean encounter as in the dictionary definition like this: “to come upon or meet with, esp. unexpectedly”, then I believe that will never happen. I do not believe anyone has encountered a “real god” in that sense. No one has been able to actually prove it. But, for the sake of argument lets supposed I did run into a real god. What kind of god are we talking about? I will suppose you mean the Christian god. If I actually encountered the Christian god, and it was demonstrated that it was in fact said god, I still would not worship it. I would believe it existed, but it would need to do a lot of explaining before I could worship.

But when I say have faith, I mean pursue expecting.

The problem I have with this is that when people are expecting a certain outcome, they tend to see things in that light and bend any small amount of “evidence” to fit the outcome they wish to have. It is a flawed way to search for a god. And once again terms are changing. Faith is more or less defined this way: “belief that is not based on proof”.

It takes faith to look, but God does not want you to believe without finding. God says in the bible “taste and see that I am good.” Those are scientific words. Taste… See…

This is really flawed because it uses god and the bible as direction for searching for god. Taste and see are not scientific words. Tasting is essentially to “perceive or distinguish the flavor of”. Some people can taste some things, other people can not. While largely uniform, it is not scientific and a lot is subjective. See is also subjective. Some people see things that are not even there, some people can not see at all, some people can see colors, some people are color blind. Some people see things differently than others, their interpretations are different. Not very scientific.

What I am really trying to say is why not look for God? He wants to reveal himself to you.

If he has this desire to reveal himself to me then why do I have to look? that is contradictory in nature. Furthermore if he has this desire to reveal himself then he would be easily seen, tested, and affirmed as god. He has not done that at. This justifies not believing in this god.