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Back from Texas/A new Life Center

So I spent 5 days in Dallas, Texas, where I expected there to be many bible thumping fundie christians. There were many large churches, but not as many as I expected. People were not in your face religious as the are here in Grand Rapids, MI. I went through the whole 5 days without any stories about the religion in Texas (except for the fact that living in Texas is like a religion to people down there).

It wasn’t until I went to Flint, MI did I encounter a very odd thing having to do with religion.

The ad for A New Life Center in Flint, MI. Click here to see and read the large scale version.

I dont even know where to begin with this. He claims that god “paid for my Chiropractic education”, not likely. He also fills the ad (and his site) with claims of visions from god. 

His claiming that there is a god, and your health is derived from him is not as worrisome or as dangerous  as what he lays out in the “Healthcare: Myths vs. Facts” pamphlet that can be accessed here:

In this pamphlet it essentially states that we do not get sick because of very real and proven causes such as germs and viruses, no, we get sick because of “interference” with our alignment and interference with gods will for us to be healthy.  This is scary, ignorant, and very dangerous.  Hucksters like this, who move to poor, uneducated areas to prey upon  the weak and desperate need to been run out of town. This is not real medicine, but sadly people will fall victim to it because they want to get better, and for god to bless them and make their situation better.

But sadly, this does go right along with the religious right and their resistance to scientific knowledge.




How old is the earth?

I asked the question “How old is the Earth?” here in my office. It was not a multiple choice, it was open ended. The results were astounding.

5 People said 6,000 years old (because the bible says so)

1 Person said 12,000 years old. 1,000 years of the first 7 days of “Creation” and then time proceeded as normal.

3 People guessed 10,000 years old

1 Person said they think it is about 3.5 Million years old (based on science)

Sadly, 1 Person said 2,000 years old. And was serious.

I don’t expect people to know exactly how old the Earth is. No one really “knows” exactly, but we do have a fairly accurate estimate from scientific methods.

4.5 Billion years old.