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Even more evidence that religion is harmful


The very pius Warren Jeffs.

Polygamist community faces rare genetic disorder


‘Prayed He Would Starve to Death So He Could Go to Heaven’

Seems perfectly healthy….considering the obvious……

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Dawkins profile by Behe

This one has Dawkins fans, atheist, and freethinkers irritated a little, because it is craziness! It is good that Time included Dawkins on this list, he deserves it. What he does not deserve is for Michael Behe to write the blurb about him.

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National Day of Reason

Today is the National day of Reason. I should have been hyping this up for a couple days now, but I have been sort of preoccupied.


Oh Utah Republican!


So apparently Satan is creating the New World order by allowing illegals in the country from Mexico. Good thing we have politicians in the US that will stand up to Satan by “submitted a formal resolution to oppose the devil’s plan to destroy the country”.

This makes me so mad, this is what politicians do with their time? And how do people like this get elected?

Don’t you have to demonstrate that something is actually happening before you submit formal resolutions against it? Yes, there are illegals coming over from Mexico. Is it because of satan? or very real reasons such as jobs, education, and the promise of a better life?

No. I bet it is Satan. That is the way more sane explanation.

More Craziness!

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I know I keep saying I am going to do a post about what a lady here said about kids, but craziness keeps coming up. Check this out.

People crucified themselves. WTF??? This seems like a lot to do for something that doesnt exist.