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More Comments: Looking for god.



I like to answer the comments left by readers in a more public way. This is to allow everyone to read them and come up with their own opinions and get involved in the discussion. This post’s comments come from a reader who goes by the name “danmondy”

Don’t fall for anything but what if you encounter a real God?

The “don’t fall for anything” line is good sound advice. I do not intend to. I have stated before that I need to see some sort of evidence. But the second part of this, the “encountering a real god” part needs some discussion.

We need to define “encounter”. If we mean encounter as in the dictionary definition like this: “to come upon or meet with, esp. unexpectedly”, then I believe that will never happen. I do not believe anyone has encountered a “real god” in that sense. No one has been able to actually prove it. But, for the sake of argument lets supposed I did run into a real god. What kind of god are we talking about? I will suppose you mean the Christian god. If I actually encountered the Christian god, and it was demonstrated that it was in fact said god, I still would not worship it. I would believe it existed, but it would need to do a lot of explaining before I could worship.

But when I say have faith, I mean pursue expecting.

The problem I have with this is that when people are expecting a certain outcome, they tend to see things in that light and bend any small amount of “evidence” to fit the outcome they wish to have. It is a flawed way to search for a god. And once again terms are changing. Faith is more or less defined this way: “belief that is not based on proof”.

It takes faith to look, but God does not want you to believe without finding. God says in the bible “taste and see that I am good.” Those are scientific words. Taste… See…

This is really flawed because it uses god and the bible as direction for searching for god. Taste and see are not scientific words. Tasting is essentially to “perceive or distinguish the flavor of”. Some people can taste some things, other people can not. While largely uniform, it is not scientific and a lot is subjective. See is also subjective. Some people see things that are not even there, some people can not see at all, some people can see colors, some people are color blind. Some people see things differently than others, their interpretations are different. Not very scientific.

What I am really trying to say is why not look for God? He wants to reveal himself to you.

If he has this desire to reveal himself to me then why do I have to look? that is contradictory in nature. Furthermore if he has this desire to reveal himself then he would be easily seen, tested, and affirmed as god. He has not done that at. This justifies not believing in this god.