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  1. HAHAHAHAHA! Indeed

  2. Food for clear thought…

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see, even once, a news report detailing how a man was found, after
    quietly bleeding to death, in the dead of night, half-in and half-out of an innocent child’s bedroom
    window, with his testicles mysteriously exploded?

    If you knew I was mad, really mad, had a gun, and planned on killing let’s say “Ted”, yet, even though
    you have a nifty magic wand, and could easily prevent the killing in any number of ways, you elect to
    do nothing. Ted ends up with my bullet passing through his head.
    Aren’t you AT LEAST as guilty, if not MORE guilty, than I?

    I need things that make sense.
    This person, “god”, makes no sense at all.

    I’ll tell you what makes sense; This makes sense…

    I have developed my own theory of what ‘god” is, while attempting to learn who/what I am.
    Bear with me for a few minutes…

    Imagine, if you can, having absolutely no concept of left and right, up and down, fear and comfort, clean and
    dirty, etc…; of having no reference points that you can use to define these concepts, as well as many others.
    It’s hard to imagine, however, I challenge you to try. It’s all about the reference points.
    I believe that we, as a species, REQUIRE a certain number of reference points which allow us to define ourselves
    as “human beings”, and yes, perhaps foremost of those reference points would be “good, and “evil”.
    With that said, I believe that we all have these reference points, however skewed they may be. Even monsters
    like J. Dahmer, and A. Hitler had them. They were simply different than yours and mine; hopefully.
    We all have them; and we all create them ourselves, for ourselves, to secure our perceived “sanity”.
    We use everything we are exposed to, from birth and perhaps even before, subconsciously, to build our reference
    points, and to solidify our “humanity”.
    This theory goes a long way, for me anyway, toward explaining why we, as a species, have so many different
    “gods”, and religions. I mean really, what makes the christian concept of “god” any more true, or accurate, than
    the “gods” that Native Americans believed so wholly in? Is it “our way or the highway”? Really?

    I’m no scholar. Hell… I took my GED, and hitch-hiked all over the country, at 16-17, in the late 70’s.
    I turned 19 in the Alabama State Penn.
    I learned nearly all of my lessons the hard way.
    I read the bible, a Shcofield Reference, and I came away with far more questions than answers.
    The bible is just a book; a book written by men; fallible men. It’s interpreted, for you, every Sunday, all over
    the World, by men; fallible men. According to the bible, the “heathen” will burn in “hell”. Schofield defines
    “heathen”, basically, as anyone who doesn’t love jesus and god. Will the beautiful man, the humane man, the man
    who always helped, and provided selflessly for all those around him, burn in “hell”? Simply because no one ever told
    him anything about jesus, or god? Please…

    Imagine lying in the hospital…
    Your roomate is cuffed to his bed. He’s a true scumbag. He has raped, murdered, and abused others for his entire life.
    A dirtbag; and he’s on his deathbed…
    Aware of this, he becomes scared, and begins to realize that he is truly a monster. Quietly, he cries.
    Knowing the patient is near death, hospital staff sends in a minister in an attempt to comfort the dying man.
    Dirbag guy, knowing in his heart that he’s really a dirtbag, actually repents.
    Do you want to hang out with him for “eternity”?
    Neither do I.

    I moved from south Florida to Michigan several years ago, and I have discovered that it’s just as cold there, as it is here.
    How can that be? Cold is cold… Floridians just get cold sooner. It’s true. Cold is a concept, not a temperature.

    With that in mind, this is what I do…
    I live my life the way I like.
    I treat others the way I’d hope to be treated.
    I always look for the truth.
    I’m a good-hearted person. You’d like me.

    If “god” is for real, and one day I find myself standing in judgement, I “pray” that the big guy sends me off to wherever
    the others like ME are chilling out; and if they’re all in “hell”, then I’ll acclimate. After all it IS eternity; right?
    Hell, it only took me a few years to acclimate to Michigan!!

    I was a christian once, and I actually FELT something in my heart. I believed that it must be god.
    Then I read the bible, and began to doubt. How can ANYONE read that crap and still maintain “blind faith”?
    The concept escapes me.
    I don’t believe any of it now; no more than I believe in Br’er Fox, Br’er Rabbit, or SuperMan.
    Until recently, I thought of myself as “Agnostic”, but now, I feel an amazing sense of freedom after having concluded that “god”
    is a fairy tale that, in my mind, has run its course, and is soon to be exposed for what it actually is; an OK story;
    a convenient foundation for our reference point base. It’s all about the reference points.

    Here’s my personal spin on a well-known (but flawed in my mind) quote…

    “I refer. Therefore, I AM. I think…”

    Toby Bridges

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