Horrible Comment From a Faithful Reader, Richmond

Comment left on my blog here

Richmond says:

“Uhhmm… I just thuoght about this the other night… maybe I’ll find it hard to give care to a dying atheist man. Because we were taught that spirituality is really significant to people in their death beds. “

This comment comes from a “good, moral, christian man”.

I work in the health-care field. We care for a majority of our patients are religious, mainly christian. I have no qualms working in this setting. People are people across the board, their race, color, creed, or religion should not get in the way when administering care. I would have no problem caring for anyone who needs it no matter what religion they are.

Richmond’s comment goes to show the “in-think” that many people of religions suffer from. They draw a clear line between themselves and the “others” and they think of themselves as inherently better because they believe (wrongly) that they have the truth.

Richmond, exactly why would you have a hard time caring for a dying man because of your religion? Is that the type of thing your religion teaches?

no wonder I am an atheist.

I have been called a scumbag, told my son was going to hell (good thing it doesnt exist), been called a heathen among many other things, and not once have I been offended, until now. Richmond, your comment was and is disgusting and goes to show your false sense of moral superiority. I can safely say that modern medicine, a profession not based in faith but rather, based in science, would be better off without you. Leave it to people you can separate ancient dogma from reality and what is best for patients.



3 responses to “Horrible Comment From a Faithful Reader, Richmond

  1. mr atheist, you will go to heaven i know! ;P

  2. Hey! How about another post?

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