The Power of Prayer?

Man: “Hey, I am running so god will give me good health”

Woman: “I am running because exercise is what gives you good health, not god”

I was reading this on a local church website, A New Life Christian Fellowship Church – Grand Rapids, MI
Jim F. –

“Recently, I went to the doctor and found out that my blood pressure was high – 150/100. Soon after, at a meeting, Andrew had anyone with a need for healing come forward. We all held hands and I asked God for my blood pressure to be 120/80. High blood pressure is asymptomatic so you can’t tell if it’s high or low. Knowing that faith without works is dead, I extricated myself from the couch and started running. Three weeks later, on my next visit to the doctor, my blood pressure was 117/76. Praise to Him who is able to do above what we ask and think!”

wow! The fact that his blood pressure went down probably had nothing to do with the fact that he started running, and moving about instead of sitting his ass on the couch, and had EVERYTHING to do with god. right.

Well guess what, I am an ATHEIST. I do not believe in the idea of a personal deity. One day my cholesterol was high. I changed my eating habits, my exercise habits and guess what?!?!?! All praises be to ME my cholesterol was lowered! Was it god? or was it the fact that I changed my habits to produce the desired effect?

I will tell you flat out. In both cases, the blood pressure and the cholesterol, god was not involved one bit. Both issues were resolved due to real world works, running, and altering habits, real people making real change in the real world. There is no need to invoke the supernatural in either case.

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3 responses to “The Power of Prayer?

  1. Uhhmm… I just thuoght about this the other night… maybe I’ll find it hard to give care to a dying atheist man. Because we were taught that spirituality is really significant to people in their death beds.


    About the Entry;
    I woke up one night unable to move, my temporals and carotid pulses were pulsating really hard and i am sure that i am experiencing Sleep paralysis ( ) , I tried to yell but I cannot, I cannot breath either, i was at my bed as hard as a stone then I prayed to God and in second I was able to move… I was perspiring and panting but i was thankful that God saved me.

  2. I am not sure what this sleep paralysis comment is about, but let me just say, I suffer from sleep paralysis. It lasts about 30 seconds to 1 minute and is gone. It is because your brain releases a chemical when you sleep to prevent you from acting out your dreams. Some people, such as me, get to much of this chemical and upon waking up cannot move, even though we are fully awake. Most people will experience sleep paralysis once or twice in their lifetimes, I experience it 2-3 times a week if not more.

    I always come out of it, that is, when the chemical wears off. Not because of god. I dont pray to be brought out of it, and yet, everytime I am.


  3. Actually, even if a god was responsible for the lowering of his blood pressure, he actually failed. Jim asked god SPECIFICALLY for a blood pressure of 120/80. His blood pressure was 117/76. That is not a hit, it’s a miss.

    Now some of them might complain that I’m being too pedantic here, but the problem is is that Jim was too much so. He didn’t ask his god “hey could you make my blood pressure in the normal range?” he asked “can you make my blood pressure 120/80.” His blood pressure was NOT 120/80, so this therefore is evidence against divine intervention.

    On days when I am active and eat healthy, my blood pressure is lower than on days when I am sedentary and eat a poor diet. I don’t pray to any god to change my blood pressure, but it varies from 144/90 all the way down to 125/76, without praying.

    Jim is imprinting a redundant and pointless explanation. His exercise alone could explain his blood pressure drop. It’s the equivalent of saying that I got a cut, prayed to my god that the bleeding would stop, then put neosporin and a band-aid over the cut, and then claiming that my god stopped the bleeding!

    What kind of impotent god do people worship where his “acts” don’t even have a measurable effect on reality?

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