‘Prayed He Would Starve to Death So He Could Go to Heaven’

Seems perfectly healthy….considering the obvious……

Read the article here!



5 responses to “‘Prayed He Would Starve to Death So He Could Go to Heaven’

  1. have you read the whole story?

    i’m glad because he’s safe…because God is with him althroughout the day…

  2. I have read the whole story.

    If god was with him then why did he get lost in the first place?

    Why would he want to die to get to a place that doesnt exist?

    God can be used for any outcome, if he died you would say it was gods will, if he lived it would be gods will, if he was attacked by tigers and lived you would say god was with him. It fits any situation.


  3. but look what happened to him? he is still alive and kicking!

    looking back to the story, he is found alive, because it’s god’s will, he protect the child from any from. Did he encounter even 1 beast??? no!!! coz god is with him.

  4. It does not say he was found because of Gods will. You, nor him can prove that god was with him. Are you to tell me that the hundreds of other true believers who have been lost and died in the wilderness throughout history did not have god with them, yet this boy did?

  5. there’s a purpose for everything!

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