What is the Atheist Stance on Evolution?

People ask this all the time. Or they just assume that because someone is an Atheist that they have to or automatically accept evolution.

There is no official Atheist position on evolution.  Remember, Atheism is only a disbelief in god (s). There is no doctrine, there are no set of rules, nothing.  You can believe that space aliens populated the earth, you can believe that life just appeared 2 seconds ago, you can believe all those things and still be an Atheist.

However, it is true that most Atheists accept evolution as the most correct way to describe how we got here. This is because Atheists are not held to strict dogmas that rule out scientific discoveries and theories.



7 responses to “What is the Atheist Stance on Evolution?

  1. The Bees and the Flowers… was it the bee who first pollinated the flower… or was it the flower who lured the bee through its nectar first then the bee thanked the flower by pollinating it.

    If the animal, plant, and other macro size organisms evolved from a tiny microscopic organism, how come the planktons did not follow the same fate.

    The Ice, the water, the cloud. Normally when matter solidifies, its density increases. But with water, as it cools down and solidifies, its density decreases and so flosats in it floats. This hinders the whole ocean, the whole earth from freezing.

    Dont you just think the world was designed by someone so knowlegeable and lovable that he created this things so everything would work together in great harmony.

    My cells are the simplest unit of my body… yet it isn’t simple.

  2. I forgot to put the question marks…


  3. Grand Rapids, What say you?

  4. If an archeologist found a flint stone… he would gladly raise it in the sky in marvel and conclude that definitely a flint was made by someone more intelligent than Cheeta of Tarzan… probably Lucy the missing link.

    How about the flower…? it is so specialized yet so fragile and simple. dont you think it was “made” by someone more intelligent than Lucy?

  5. The earth… the sky… the sun… time… and everything within the great expanse of the universe… everything talks of order… of something that is planned… of a grwat engineering that only a divine can do.

  6. The world is God’s scripture.

  7. Definitely God is our creator!

    In speaking of the existence of God we should underline that we are not speaking of proofs in the sense implied by the experimental sciences. Scientific proofs in the modern sense of the word are valid only for things perceptible to the senses since it is only on such things that scientific instruments of investigation can be used.

    Science must recognize its limits and its inabi]ity to reach the existence of God: it can neither affirm nor deny his existence.

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