Dawkins profile by Behe

This one has Dawkins fans, atheist, and freethinkers irritated a little, because it is craziness! It is good that Time included Dawkins on this list, he deserves it. What he does not deserve is for Michael Behe to write the blurb about him.

read the article here 



One response to “Dawkins profile by Behe

  1. Dawkins’ thoughts on Behe

    “He’s a straightforward creationist. What he has done is to take a standard argument which dates back to the 19th century, the argument of irreducible complexity, the argument that there are certain organs, certain systems in which all the bits have to be there together or the whole system won’t work…like the eye. Darwin answered (this)…point by point, piece by piece. But maybe he shouldn’t have bothered. Maybe what he should have said is…maybe you’re too thick to think of a reason why the eye could have come about by gradual steps, but perhaps you should go away and think a bit harder.”

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