This is how I define god.

I was speaking with my boss about the existence of god. She is usually a very logical and rational person. She is also well educated with a degree in the sciences. But then she said something that is not rational. She said “I know there is a god”.

Naturally I asked her for proof of how she knows this to be a fact. To which she responded, “I dont have any proof, I just know it.” This is a completely ridiculous statement.  But I let that slide after she described god for me.

“God cant do anything to change or influence events here on Earth. He planned out your life as it was going to be and can not do anything to change it.”

This is really a ridiculous statement. She has created an imaginary god that is useless and ineffective for todays world. This also does away with any concept of free will completely.

So what is the point of worshiping and deferring to this “god”? How is it helpful?

It also seems to me that if there was indeed a true and right god that takes an interest in the lives of humans here on Earth it would be undeniable and would only allow for one definition.

But what scares me above anything, of course, is that people are willing to believe things without evidence. Especially people who are supposed to be rational and logical. And it scares me that people see no fault with believing without evidence.



8 responses to “This is how I define god.

  1. hmmm…great post!!!

    but all i can say is that you must believe in God and then i can prove to you that there is God!!!


  2. I wonder if this is serious. It sounds like a joke. Lets just replace the word god with the phrase “The Flying Spaghetti Monster” and then see how crazy it is.
    “but all i can say is that you must believe in “The Flying Spaghetti Monster” and then i can prove to you that there is “The Flying Spaghetti Monster” !!!

    I have to believe in something without justifiable reasons, and this is the only way proof can be provided?

    Why can’t that proof be offered without the belief? This is how it works really, no one believes anything until proof is provided or demonstrated.


  3. oh i c!!! so what is your you believe that you came from an APE? then, i believed that your quite right, being like an old looking ape! hmmm…

  4. I do not believe that I came from an ape. I know that I came from my parents.

    If you are asking me if I accept Evolution to be true, yes I do. It is testable, observable, and explainable through evidence. Whereas, on the other hand, creationism, is not testable, there is no evidence for it, and cannot be observed.

  5. Have you ever observed evolution with your own two eyes???

    as you have said “no one believes anything until proof is provided or demonstrated” so how could you accept evolution?

  6. If we are going to go down this line of reasoning then how is this?
    Have you ever observed God/Jesus/any other deity with your own two eyes???

    I thought not. That is an absurd question.

    But I will answer anyway. No, not with my own 2 eyes. However, there are many many many scientists who publish papers on the subject of evolution who have their documented and observable findings about evolution.

    Case in point. Viruses. They evolve constantly to survive against different types of antibiotics. This is why there are different flu shots. We also know, and have observed the Avian Flu Virus evolve many times over, making it a very difficult virus to treat.

    So yes, evolution has been observed. Evolution causes viruses to adapt and survive. This is evidenced not only by the scientific research on the subject, but also by the fact that we need new medicine to combat the newly evolved virus.

    Furthermore, the fossil record clearly shows how evolution took place. That is proof. Evolution is not at all a controversy in the scientific community. This is because it is backed up with proof and cold hard facts.

    I suggest reading books on evolution, and perhaps reading some scientific journals.


  7. yeah i know about those evolution topic your talking about.
    but how can u believe them??? u believe them because you have faith on them…

    if i will be asking you f you have a brain…definitely you will argue with me that you have a brain..but i can’t see your brain either because it is hidden beneath your i right..
    unless you gave me your brain i will believe the fact that you have a brain…

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