Easter Card

Ok ok. I was supposed to do the post about children, and I will, but this popped up and I needed to address it.

When I came into work today there was some candy, a rock, and this card below.

Umm Lets first touch on how ridiculous it is to get a rock. I understand the symbolism, but what the fuck am I to do with a rock!?!?!?!?! The candy I will take.  Wait, nevermind, it is some mushy no-name candy. Dont want it.

I shouldn’t have to deal with this when I come into work. I don’t leave shit about Atheism on their desks.  And just imagine if I did.

So, if he is alive then where is he? Can I meet him?

I didnt think so.

Seriously, a rock. On my desk.

Im letting it slide with this lady this time because of the 4 years I have worked here she has never done anything like this, and she is super nice. But lady, next time you do, I will have to check you.



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