Atheism Gives No Reason To Get Out Of Bed In The Morning.

“Atheism Gives No Reason To Get Out Of Bed In The Morning.”

I have heard this countless times. While discussing Atheism with a friend of mine and he said that same thing. ” with Atheism what is the point of getting out of bed?” I can only imagine that he means God is the reason people get out of bed. The idea of an afterlife is what makes people live their life.

That is utterly sad and pathetic. It makes me sad. Its sad that people have nothing in your life that they can see value in enough to get out of bed. Its sad that people think things are meaningless unless they have the vague idea of an imaginary friend in the sky. It is utterly sad that people believe that they will have eternal life after this.

I have never been afraid or needed to search for a reason to go to bed. I have a hard time going to sleep because I feel like I am missing out on life. I am eager for each new day and I cherish each day, no matter how boring or bad.


I dont believe in an afterlife. Once you believe in an eternal life that is infinitely better than the one you are currently in every experience, every flower, every moment, every glimpse of beauty and every human interaction becomes that much more meaningless compared to “what is to come”. This world is reduced simply to “a place to wipe your feet”.

I get out of bed and enjoy and treasure every second I get. I fill my head with knowledge and meaningful relationships. I enjoy every second I get with my son and wife, and all my family. When I am sad I am happy that I can feel enough happiness to understand sadness. I enjoy the ups and downs of real life. I have people who love me, I create my own thoughts and art. I enjoy other peoples art. I enjoy nature and the wonders of the real world.

Atheism has shown me just how precious life really actually is. Because when it is gone. It is gone. Atheism quite literally opened my eyes to how to really live life. Cherish every moment, make life as good as possible for everyone you encounter (when possible).

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(up next: “Dont these little babies just make you see that there is a god?)


2 responses to “Atheism Gives No Reason To Get Out Of Bed In The Morning.

  1. Well, I think whoever asked or told you that atheism gives no reason…misquoted or misunderstood. If not believing in god would make life unlivable or worthless, it would mean a man does not believe in god and is dissapointed about it. A non-believer is as happy or rather potentially more happy than a believer. Because, if you know there ae no appeals (Camus’s phrase) you have no expectations from the unknown to be disappointed every second day for not getting what you knew you did not deserve. If anything, a non-belief in god would make one get up and run, work, live precisely because he has no unknown fall-backs.
    However, this question has been rightly posed about existentialist outsiders (Colin Wilson’s phrase). On a preliminary understanding of existentialist philosophy, in the initial stages everything around you seems so unreal and stupid that it feels it’s an insult to you to be running aroud for ‘this’.

  2. nihiltus (twitter)

    well well I’m 3 years late with this message. I say, there is no logical reason to get out of bed. eventually you would get hungry, but you don’t need to eat. you wont know the difference after your dead anyway. I say the need to get up and do things is a animal/instinct thing. Primitive.

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