I’m Saved?!?!?!?!?!

Well No. I am not. But I am suspecting that the”lady who tries to save me” (LWTTSM) thinks I am on my way to feeling Jesus’s warm salvation all over my face. How and why?

Last week I bought the audiobook “The End of Faith” by Sam Harris. I listened to it all week in my office. Quite often Sam Harris would speak about christianity, jesus, and recite many passages from the bible. LWTTSM would always walk by when he was talking about the bible or jesus. But she never heard enough to put it in context. She probably heard words like “Jesus” “Bible” “Leviticus” “all-loving” etc…

Several times she waved and smiled at me. She became talkative to me and didnt talk about jesus. She likes me now!

I will see how this plays out…….until she asks me about it and I reaffirm that I am in fact, an Atheist.



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