I Have Been Sick

I have been sick for the past couple of days. Its all very logical. My wife works at a hospital dealing with sick children all day. My son goes to daycare, with sick children. They come home, I kiss them, I get sick. My wife was sick for several days before I was. So naturally I came down with it.

Or so I thought.

Did I mention there was a lady here at my work that is always trying to save me?

well there is. She has resorted to “scare tactics”, which aren’t very scary. Below is the conversation

Her: “How are you feeling”

Me: “Better”

Her: “You know, god punishes people. Sickness is one of his ways”

Me: “Impossible”

Her: “Its what he does”

Me: “So his plan was to have my wife work at the hospital so he could have a way to give me the flu? Seems pretty elaborate to me”

Her: “Funny. Its just part of his plan”

I have to put up with this because I had the flu?



3 responses to “I Have Been Sick

  1. Man, I always wondered why there is so much more illness in Africa and Asia, I always assumed it was because of lack of health care and vaccination. Now I know it’s because they are heathens, God probably won’t mind if we take all their stuff and bomb them then too!

  2. No. Not lack of health care. God is mad at them so he had them be born in Africa/Asia so he could one day punish them.


    Its so obvious.

  3. “Its what he does”

    what a dick

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