Are Atheists Grumpy?

I really really love what the goat is saying

So, are Atheists grumpy?

Umm not anymore than anyone else. I will explain how I am.

I am an Atheist. I was grumpy until I “came out” as an Atheist.

I love my life, I have a beautiful, smart, terrific wife, an extremely smart, imaginative son who brings my life more happiness then I ever could have imagined.

I am still grumpy to people who are stupid and close-minded.

There is one thing that does get me down in this life, and its not my Atheism. It is simply one thing: HUMAN SUFFERING.

This upsets me greatly. But this should upset any human being who as one iota of compassion. This precedes Atheism and Religions.



2 responses to “Are Atheists Grumpy?

  1. where did you find that grumpy goat flyer?

  2. some religious site. Pretty Great huh? Its goatheads dad!

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