How old is the earth?

I asked the question “How old is the Earth?” here in my office. It was not a multiple choice, it was open ended. The results were astounding.

5 People said 6,000 years old (because the bible says so)

1 Person said 12,000 years old. 1,000 years of the first 7 days of “Creation” and then time proceeded as normal.

3 People guessed 10,000 years old

1 Person said they think it is about 3.5 Million years old (based on science)

Sadly, 1 Person said 2,000 years old. And was serious.

I don’t expect people to know exactly how old the Earth is. No one really “knows” exactly, but we do have a fairly accurate estimate from scientific methods.

4.5 Billion years old.



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